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The Joan Rivers Show  

Keywords: pie; in; face;
Joan Rivers gets pied in the face by Soupy Sales on her talk show in the 1980's.

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The Joan Rivers Show
Video ID: # 11435
Clip format: WMV
Time: 1'15"
Resolution: 720x576
Added: 2010-06-27 (TV Shows)
Views/Downloads: 28
Comments: 9
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The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
The Joan Rivers Show
Comments posted to this Video
FYI..there is another "lost pie scene" with Joan from this same 1980's series that still remains lost to this day....i.e. on another show Joan gets pie'd by actress Connie Selleca. I have a quick promo tv clip of that scene, but nobody has ever found a copy of the full version of that scene. I would like to find that one, cos the promo clip seems to suggest that Connie also got into the pie fight too, but I have yet to find the full version of that scene so far.
by wamtec at 27th June, 2010
This is a most awesome YOUTUBE rip...

Named and Shamed.

by nuggz at 28th June, 2010
Notice to uploaders. We have repeatedly warned folks enough times not to recycle and upload Youtubes. If you get named and shamed in future, we will start deducting credits from your account for any credits you receive as a result of a recycled youtube, because you do not deserve credits if you upload youtubes. You should only get credits if you create and upload ORIGINAL clips that you made yourself. Please follow the rules for uploading....NO YOUTUBES should be recycyled.
by wamtec at 28th June, 2010
fyi, every single video this person has uploaded is readily found on youtube. I'm quite certain he wasn't the original maker of any of them, either.
by nuggz at 28th June, 2010
Thanks nuggz for the alerts. We do not have the manpower to check every upload to the wambank against Youtube, but we have recently made some system changes to help our moderators be able to notice suspicious videos more easily ... i.e. we have now banned all video uploads at the small screen size of 320x240 ...our system now auto-rejects all uploads made at a small screen size...and uploaders are now forced to upload large screen size clips only. This means that if folks take low quality youtubes and attempt to recycle them, they are now forced to re-make them at a larger screen size...and then if the source video is low quality those vids will turn to mush and will look pixelated when our moderators review the caps. We then reject all videos that look low quality and pixelated (and we reject many videos each day that you don't see because they look pixelated and low quality). Unfortunately Youtube have now "upped the anti" and now Youtube has high quality videos online, and any 7 year old knows how to download a youtube these days in it's native mp4 format using Firefox downloader, so now the recycled youtubes are getting to be higher quality, making it more difficult for us to spot them.

Catching Youtube recyclers is a bit like a cop trying to catch speeders on the highway....i.e. we catch many each day (that you don't see cos we reject them before they get online), but as a cop will tell you if you ask why he did not catch every speeder...."can a fisherman catch every fish in the sea ? ...there will always be a few that get away".

Anyway....we always strive to provide our wambank fans with new and original clips, not youtubes, cos our goal has always been to be BETTER than youtube, and we constantly strive to attain that goal.

WB Team
by wamtec at 29th June, 2010
the connie selecca clip was on you tube but they have always been notorious about quickly removing it is a lost clip.
by creamer at 29th June, 2010
MK, this does raise an interesting question (creamer's comments), what is the wambank policy on youtube videos *which have now been removed*? On one hand, no the person didn't make it themselves and it was readily available at some point - but on the other, once removed it's also no longer viewable... what is your call here?
by nuggz at 29th June, 2010
Hi Nuggz,

That is going to be a judgment call for our moderators to decide. The primary objective of this site is to offer the fans HIGH QUALITY videos that are better than Youtube media, and also to offer folks ORIGINAL or RARE videos that they cannot easily find elsewhere.

We do not want to be redundant with Youtube or to offer media at their low quality standards. We already have a feature on this site where folks can "suggest a youtube" if they want to share some interesting youtubes that they found, and all they have to do is cut and paste the link into our site and it will automatically get displayed and imbedded in our Youtube videos sections, see the left margin area at the top of our site for Youtube videos here ...

If somebody finds a rare clip that has long since been removed from Youtube, I doubt that the quality will be any good, and will not meet our standards for quality. For example, the Brazilian version of "College Madhouse" pie gameshow that happened in the late 1980's....those clips are great, but I have never yet found any of them to be at a decent quality.

Youtube has only had high quality clips features for the last 2 years (i.e. the HQ18 and HQ35 high quality mp4 download format and the HQ22 HD download format), so any clips older than that are not likely to be decent quality anyways.

BTW....I have never seen a full version of the Connie Selleca/Joan Rivers clip on Youtube, cos the version I saw online was merely a low quality version of the same promo clip that I have on an old VHS tape that Hurley Coward sent to me....i.e. it only shows a 15 second preview of the scene...not the full scene.

Anyway, our moderators will just review the clips on a case by case basis, evaluating the merits, if there are any. Some folks might feel we are too strict at times, but we owe it to the fans to try and keep this site at a decent standard and quality and not to allow the site to degenerate into a load of garbage clips or repetitions from Youtube.
by wamtec at 30th June, 2010
I've got the Connie Sellecca video, but since the resolution was low, it couldn't be uploaded. Tsk.
by bukowski at 18th July, 2010

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