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Hello Friends, this week we're celebrating Valentines a little early by bringing in our Valentines sets from last year as an Archive update.
This was a fun set to shoot, Lori made her dress, and went all out for it last year. This was one of our inaugural dips in our new hot tub...
Among these are some of our favorite photo's
As with a lot of our wetlook, this dress goes very transparent when wet, and that always leads to sexier behavior, we have a few great pictures in the Premium Area for our Premium Members as well as some video clips....
and then we go on to Part 2 of last years Valentines fun, when Lori has a little WAM fun and gets covered with 9 pies, yet another great Premium set that you'll not want to miss!
Between these two sets there are nearly 200 photo's, also there are two video clips for Premium Members.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures in our free gallery.

As we officially begin our rotation,

Marjorie and me are proud to tell you, that the videosection of her free movies are opened. See the first part of three ... "Marjorie, wet and muddy". The videos are hosted by and powered by

Marjorie and me love to read your comments. You will find the videolinks in her quick-link-list, at the right site on top of her homepage.

Have fun with Marjorie,

PS: In future, Marjorie will add her own wetlookchannel at So stay tuned. Otherwise become a member at to see thousand of intersting videos.
- Marjorie, the thrilling wetlook lady from France -
New photoset and video added: Sarah's Argyll Wellie Rescue Adventure - Very muddy and soaked to the skin.
A new section has been added to It's called "Naughty Kitty." And, for those of you who have wondered what happens after the camera gets shut off....well, let's just say I get pretty naughty!!

Marjorie added five new pics in her snapshotsection. If you were interested, seek a peek.

At Saturday, 02.02.2008 Marjories Videosection is going live! See the first part of three "Marjorie wet and muddy" for free. So prepare your browser to see the vids at Read the technical rules ... and see Marjorie in her first free video. More will come, and they will free ...

For a test, if your system is running smooth, use the following link:

Have fun,
Marjorie added the second part of gallerie no. 34, so sneek a peek ...

If you were interested, have a look at the "Quick-Link-List" (right side on top) on her site to find the link to Marjories new VideoSection!

Have fun with Marjorie - more than 2000 pics for free

This week’s update is one that we had a lot of fun shooting. This is one I’ve been saving from our Labor Day weekend trip. We visited a little waterfall tucked away alongside the road headed out toward Tillamook. If it weren’t for the little roadsign you’d miss it, and you sure can’t see it from the road. The parking area for this little waterfall is little more than a wide turn out, and the falls itself is only about 100 ft into the trees, but it might as well be a mile. It’s so dark and secluded in there, photography is very tricky, but it is a beautiful little waterfall, just the right size to get in and play in….
I wish I could have gotten more and better pictures but the light was so dim, the only way to get any kind of shot was to use the flash and that just doesn’t look right….But then I’m kind of picky…we did get some great shots though, but the water was very cold, and not deep enough to swim in…so we moved downstream a bit…..
The water in this particulat spot is about 4ft deep but crystal clear…and the fish, I didn’t get any underwater photo’s but it was loaded with little 4 or 5 inch trout, or possibly juvenile salmon and they weren’t a bit afraid of us in the water, if anything they were curious. While I didn’t get any photo’s they are clearly visible in the underwater video I got. It’s free along with all of the photo’s from this set. The video is about 4 1/2 minutes long, and there are about 60 free photo’s. I’ve done something new with the video, for guests and registered members, I’ve uploaded a small frame sample, also available at the wambank or youtube for free. It’s the full 4 1/2 minutes but at a smaller frame size and file size it is otherwise exactly the same clip the same clip that Premium Members get. The Premium Members can download a full screen version at a higher file size but better quality. A little something for everybody, we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it…
Visit our site for more details.
Members area has been updated with pics of me getting creme filled bismarks smashed in my panties. Also, Video 8 - Maid Mess Stew is available for download. I get stew, beans, oatmeal, corn, etc. poured in my panties while wearing a maid outfit - it's a real mess!!
Hot, cold fun: Sarah in Romika wellies on thin ice.
Video 33 - Chili is now available for download. I am wearing khaki pants and get chili poured all over and inside my pants. Of course, I wind up getting it poured inside my little pink panties too!!
Each week we will alternate between uploading an archive set and uploading a new set. We will maintain 10 sets in the main gallery and each week as we add a set the oldest set will go into archives where it will be available to Premium Members only. When the warmer weather arrives again we will resume weekly new updates as much as possible.

This is a revisited set from a theme set we did a few months ago on wetlook friends, and the wetlook forum. The theme was Pirates of the Caribbean, we called ours Hidden Treasure…

In this scene Lori is a pirate who has visited a small and deserted island and found a hidden treasure.
While away her crew has left her behind and she must swim to the nearby mainland, where she washes up on the beach, exhausted but alive, and still in possession of her beloved treasure…..

This was a fun and interesting set to shoot. We shot this in several locations, but in one of them a pretty good crowd had started to develop. It was interesting to see people’s intrigue and fascination, and to field their questions, “are you really a model??, and “oh I get it…she’s a Pirate!”
There are over 100 pictures and a 4 1/2 minute video clip all available free in this set, as well as a few more “special” pictures for Premium Members only.
Sarah in Go-Go Boots and Latex...
Two new video clips are now ready for download! One is me getting in the whirlpool tub in two different outfits and the other is me getting cream filled bismarks smashed on and inside my panties and rubbed all over my a**! It's pretty good!
A close family member is suffering from a serious and probably life ending illness so things are in turmoil at this time at our house. It is my intent and hope that this will have little bearing on the websites and our ability to maintain updates for the time being, but if it does please bear with us….

HT in White
This set is one I’ve been holding in my pending file for some time. It is in white of course and for obvious reasons makes it a favorite. However it is Hot Tub wetlook that by comparison to a lot of work we do is less artistic, and so takes it down a peg or two for me. I do enjoy our time in the hot tub though, especially when it’s like this!

Wintertime, Hot Tub wetlook is a great time to play with wet hair shots, there are a few like these in the gallery! There’s even a couple of emerging shots!

Because of the family crisis right now I chose this update because there is no accompanying video clip. It is however very small which is one reason why I’ve hung onto it for as long as I have. I apologize for the small update and will have something bigger and better for you next time we update with a regular update. This set has a total of 44 pictures, 34 free for everyone to enjoy, and 10 Premium Pictures. I hope that you like them!
Marjorie did the next step in showing her free videos. The section is BETA, but i think will be the host in future. See the result here at, ... i´ am working for a better quality so stay tuned. There are six wetlookvideos from Marjorie in que.

In the meanwhile sneek a peek at Marjories new guestgalerie. Tina, a sc girl added ten pics and a wetlookvideo for free. You will find the pics and the video here, ...

Have fun with Marjorie & Tina - more than 2000 pics for free
Video 28 - pot pies is now available for download. I get pot pies smashed in the front and back of my panties!
Sarah sinks over the tops of her Waders in hip-deep sloppy mud. Preview video available.
Video 51 - Ravioli is now available for download. I get 2 different pairs of panties filled with ravioli! What a mess!
Marjorie added the first part of gallerie no. 34, so sneek a peek ...

If you were interested, have a look at the "Quick-Link-List" (right side on top) on her site to find the link to Marjories new VideoSection!

Have fun with Marjorie - more than 2000 pics for free

I’ve just uploaded 3 more archive sets. We are nearly finished reloading all of the archive sets from 2006-2007. This update has over 280 photo’s and 22 minutes of video. All of these photo’s and video are free for the next 36 hours along with all of the rest of the Archive material. This is the last installment before the Archive open house ends. Two of the three sets are Premium Sets as well. So you won’t want to miss this. All you need to do is become a registered member which is free. On to the updates…

Sunset Falls
In this set we visit a local river, near Sunset Falls. The water was so clear and calm. Lighting was a little dim, but we got some great photo’s and video. Enjoy 59 photo’s and nearly 6 minutes of video.

May Day (”May Pole” Syrup Surprise)
There is a funny story behind this set. When we were figuring out themes for May a forum member “gopher” suggested that we do a May Day set. I couldn’t figure out a single way to make May Day into wetlook or WAM he suggested “May-Pole” syrup….Lori was reading this over my shoulder and said no way. Well we never did the May Day theme, but in a surprise move Lori changed her mind and decided to do the Syrup set with Gopher in mind. Here’s the results…126 photo’s including some hot and sexy Premium shots, and over 12 minutes of video. Enjoy!

Sexy Waterfall Fun
This is one of my all time favorite sets. We shot this at one of our favorite locations, and one of my favorite outfits. On top of all of that Lori really turns on the heat for Premium Members, words can’t describe it you must see it, if you see nothing else see this one! 97 photo’s most of them Premium and 4 minutes of hot and sexy video. Enjoy!

Visit our site, go to the Gallery, sign up as a registered member and see what you've been missing!
A new wetlook video is available for download now - 48c. If you like pantylines, this one's for you - nice scene with white shorts and white panties! kitty ;)
First update for 2008: Fashion boots and latex in deep mud.
We have updated our site with our Thawing of the Ice Princess set. Hundreds of pictures and a 17 minute video clip for Premium Members!
Become a Premium Member for just $20 a year!

Also I’m extending the Archive Open House for a few more days so the Archives are wide open for registered visitors through this upcoming weekend, that means registered visitors have access to all video clips, and all material including Premium Material for free! If it’s in the Archive section you can access it, all you need to do is become a registered member which is completely free. We do not share or sell your information. Come see what you’ve been missing, then sign up as a Premium Member! Happy New Year!

to the end of 2007, Marjorie did a nice surprise to all wetlookfans. Marjorie added a free, non comercial, VideoSection. For this, i add a BETA-Site with a first vidclip. This site is for testing only.

So please be so kind and leave your comments and critical statements here in the forum. If you have some tips, let us know ...

Find her BETA-Site here:

Have fun with Marjorie - more than 2000 pics and her first vid for free (there are many more vids in que, if the comments are good),
Last week we opened up our archives for one last look before we close them up. From now until the end of the year we are having an open house and all archives are 100 percent viewable to registered members for FREE. That means everything, video, regular updates, and PREMIUM MATERIAL too! As long as it is in the archive section it is free for you to check it out! You might want to check out the Trick or Treat Premium Set, as well as the Summer Dazzle set and others, see what you've been missing, but only for a limited time! (Registration is free, and we do not share your e-mail address.)
After the first of the year all archives will be available unrestricted to Premium Members only so check them out while you can!
Happy Holidays!
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