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Supergirl FIGHTS Superman - Season Finale 2x20 SPOILER ALERT!
Supergirl FIGHTS Superman - Season Finale 2x20 SPOILER ALERT!
Supergirl FIGHTS Superman - Season Finale 2x20 SPOILER ALERT!

Supergirl FIGHTS Superman - Season Finale 2x20 SPOILER ALERT!

Keywords: zJrLYoxMvUg;
☼ ☼

What’s Going On With The Cousins of Steel?!
Season Finale 2x20 SPOILER ALERT: Supergirl FIGHTS Superman!


Only read below if you do want to know any details!

Episode 20 of Season 2: Supergirl Vs Superman

Supergirl and Superman were spotted FIGHTING each other in an amazing season finale on the streets of National City!

What looked to be a stuntwoman and a stuntman replacing Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl the whole scene was truly EPIC!

At first members of the public could be seen running away before explosions erupted in National City. A Police car can be seen on fire.

The Man of Steel was back in National City with Superman appearing to wade through water and then kicking Supergirl!

The stunt doubles had a break after the shocking scene with applause being heard from the crew.

Supergirl Vs Superman were then seen having a huge fight with Supergirl elbowing Superman in the chest after he had her in a headlock.

Supergirl then twisted his arm and Superman fought back punching her several times.

With the rain pouring down and explosions going off the Cousins of Steel kept fighting!

After one huge fight seen they were then seen hugging but was it the stuntman and stuntwoman taking a break in between takes or was it Supergirl and Superman making up?

Kara's cousin Superman first made an appearance in the season two premiere to help deal with a malfunctioning LexCorp spacecraft. He then returned to Metropolis, knowing that Supergirl could handle things on her own.

The episode os reportedly called 2x20 City of Lost Children with LONNIE CHAVIS GUEST STARRING. The full episode description is:

“When an alien attacks National City, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the DEO learn the alien is a Phorian, an otherwise peaceful race with telekinetic powers. Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) gets a lead on the Phorian's address but instead of finding the culprit, he finds a very scared boy named Marcus (guest star Lonnie Chavis). Marcus will only trust James so it is up to Guardian to stop the attacks on the city. Rhea's (Teri Hatcher) plan escalates. Ben Bray directed the episode with story by Robert Rovner and teleplay by Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn (#220). Original airdate 5/8/2017”.

All footage was shot in Vancouver, Canada on a public street where member of the public could see all filming taking place.

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Added: 2021-04-11
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