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Added: 2021-04-24 (TV Shows)
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Lana Cox and Teresa Scott soaping in a tub (#070)
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A Valentines Dream...  

It’s late in the evening and Lori is sound asleep in her bed….
She slowly awakens, and rises from her bed, dresses and heads for her hot tub as if drawn to it by some unseen entity.
“How did this get like this?” She thinks to herself, and realizes she’s unable to speak…and realizes she is dreaming… seems like a good dream so she goes with it…..
Soon she feels herself drawn to the water, and it being a dream, she feels the urge to get in just as she is, pajamas and all… she steps in first one foot and then the other….
“This feels nice” she thinks to herself as she slowly dips in and out inch by inch slowly watching the color of her legs of her pajamas as they slowly change color. Feeling the warmth of the water slowly creep up with each deeper dip, feeling the pleasure as it eases up her body….
She loves the feel of the warmth of the water, and the feel of the clothing the way it drifts against her skin as light as a feather while in the water, and then clings tight when removed from the water….she giggles at the feeling of the water as it runs down along her body through the clothing as she emerges….
She goes in fully, now completely committed to this soaking and enjoying every bit of it. She plays in it, moved in it feeling the movement of the water through her clothes.
“This is really a nice dream..” she thinks as the dream takes her places where only she, and the Premium Members from the SquishyShoes website will know, because for now, we must leave her to her pleasures and go view the rest of the pictures!

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A Valentines Dream...
Video ID: # 7595
Clip format: WMV
Time: unknown
Added: 2008-02-13 (WAM Producers)
Views/Downloads: 4104
Comments: 4

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A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
A Valentines Dream...
Comments posted to this Video
Download not working for me
by bostonmanny at 13th February, 2008
Hi Bostonmanny, the producer removed the video from his site so the url wasn't working but I just replaced the url so you should be able to download it now but please note, it will be a flv file so you should use VLC or other flv players to play it.
by julius at 13th February, 2008
I haven't removed it, just had a bonehead moment last night and copied the link incorrectly, I've sent the correct URL to manager, waiting for it to be fixed...sorry for the confusion....
by mikeandlori at 13th February, 2008
Thanks to MikeandLori for the link it is fixed now so you should be able to download the original WMV file.
by julius at 13th February, 2008

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