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MK test 3 - MP4 format
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Lana Cox and Teresa Scott soaping in a tub (#070)
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20th April, 2024 - 06:21 pm
New REMASTERED clip on EuroWAM!
Another muddy update from Helen today... this time she is wearing a fine beige business suit, black designer heels, and tan pantyhose... watch her play in the mud.
20th April, 2024 - 06:20 pm
New on!
The first video with Brenda on the site and the story were simple for this one: a lonely girl waiting for someone at the bar, and since that someone didn't show up, she found something more useful to do with her time. The topless part is cut out because we need to keep the "topless free," but you can find the full clip on umd:
20th April, 2024 - 01:19 pm
Wetlook girl in jeans in the pool
19th April, 2024 - 02:06 pm
New on EuroWAM! (Also on
When Lara met Bora, it was December. Keep in mind that Budapest winters are not very cold if it's not a windy day. So Bora was wearing only a leather jacket and a wool blouse underneath and was on her way to buy some presents.
It's funny how a random day can take a 180-degree turn; for Bora, this day was one of those days. Check it out to see if the turn was a good or a bad one ;)
19th April, 2024 - 05:49 am
Wetlook girl in jeans swims in the pool clothed
18th April, 2024 - 09:18 pm
New REMASTERED video on EuroWAM!
Mihaela was walking to work and she had no idea of what was going to happen to her (and her outfit) that day. She met us on her way to work; otherwise, she probably would have never experienced the pleasure of trashing a fine satin shirt and an office-style skirt while you play as you will in the mud. Believe it or not, it wasn't that hard to get Mihaela to play fully clothed in our mud pit. As a matter of fact,
18th April, 2024 - 02:51 am
Wetlook girl in blue jeans and corduroy jacket in shower
17th April, 2024 - 04:53 pm
New on EuroWAM! (And on as well)
Oil and Lara are always an exquisite mixture. Enjoy watching her oiling her expensive leather jacket and converse sneakers.
16th April, 2024 - 08:26 pm
BeSlime Scene0127

She is wearing a cute casual dress. She gets slimy liquid poured over her head. She gets covered in slimy liquid all over her body.
16th April, 2024 - 05:06 pm
New on EuroWAM! (And on as well)
Szabina has been stuck in a room for the entire day, and the only TV channel on is a cartoon channel. Now, honestly, what would you do? It's probably the same thing as she did if you are a fan of our project.
16th April, 2024 - 01:54 pm
Wetlook girl in shower in skirt
15th April, 2024 - 03:21 pm
New REMASTERED video on EuroWAM!
Will this violet gown look sexy enough covered with mud? We think the answer is yes... but don't trust us... check the update yourself!
15th April, 2024 - 01:37 pm
wetlook girl in jeans swimming in the pool
14th April, 2024 - 03:54 pm
New Remastered video on EuroWAM!
Alexandra is the sister of Andrea (who you saw in Updates #0042 and #0043). She is 19 years old and a student at a local university. She's majoring in "European Studies" - appearing on a European WAM site should be helpful when the teacher asks her about the "messy" side of Europe ;). Anyway, she was a little anxious about getting her business outfit dirty, but when I said that we would replace her clothes...
14th April, 2024 - 03:50 pm
New on!
Edith has a pretty cocktail dress, but for us, a dress is not pretty enough if it is not wet; to put it another way, it is prettier when wet, so we rush to the nearest lake to soak it properly.
14th April, 2024 - 01:01 pm
Wetlook girl Leggings gets wet
13th April, 2024 - 05:29 pm
New on EuroWAM!(Also on
The instructions we gave Odett before she arrived at the shootings was to find some leather clothes in her closet that were sexy enough for the style of the session we wanted to shoot but safe for her to travel as she arrived with the public transport at that time. Well, this is what she looked when she arrived and after a quick presentation of the location itself, Lara invited her to be... herself ;)
12th April, 2024 - 06:12 pm
New REMASTERED video in download store.
We met Andrea while she was taking a walk with her sister. Andrea works as an elementary school teacher, and she was wearing a casual business outfit with pantyhose and high heels. She confessed that she wanted to try this feeling for a long time (not dressed of course), but she wanted to know how it felt to have her entire body covered with mud. When she heard that I would replace her clothes...
12th April, 2024 - 02:20 pm
Wetlook girl in Blue Jeans gets wet in pool
11th April, 2024 - 06:00 pm
New REMASTERED video on EuroWAM!
Helena was not in a hurry (so it was easy to get her to stop a minute), and believe it or not, but for the first time in this project, we were able to present the things is a manner that convinced the girl to say YES very quickly. Usually the girls ask me all kind of questions, such as, “Why is this?” “What company are [we] working for?” “What will happen to these clothes?” or “Where is the mud pit?
11th April, 2024 - 05:26 pm
New on!
Monika is wearing a pair of black leggings, a thin blouse with no bra underneath, pointy high heels and she gets dunked into the pool. Enjoy! 😉
11th April, 2024 - 01:49 pm
Wetlook girl blouse and pants swimming in pool
10th April, 2024 - 05:29 pm
New on EuroWAM!(Also on
This is Anica's wetlook dance taken from party 45, available on
For the leggings and white T-shirt funs... 😉
10th April, 2024 - 05:05 am
Wetlook girl in dress and corduroy jacket in shower
09th April, 2024 - 10:35 pm
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