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French woman gunge
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Lana Cox and Teresa Scott soaping in a tub (#070)
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Chrissie’s Bridesmaid
Not far from our home we have a stream called Sandon Brook. For about 100 metres of it’s course it follows the road. This forms a ford that small vehicles would be well advised not to negotiate, I may be small but I think I negotiated it rather well! My beautiful satin dress and dressy sandles got a bit damp though - and as you all know, I hate to get wet!!!!!! I think this is a rather special set and if you would like to see the pics full size then you will need access to the Exclusive Album. Everyone is invited to donate towards my costs for keeping this site going and this set is a reward for those of you who do! Please click the donate button and register with the site and I can set your permissions to see this lovely set!
The weather has been so nice here lately that I've really been aching to get out and shoot some wetlook, but it's not been quite warm enough yet. There is a nearby creek waterfall that has just the "right" amount of water flowing over it that would make some great scenery for some beautiful wetlook photography. The water would be just a bit chilly though....the warm weather is coming quickly though...I can hardly wait!

This warm weather got me thinking about this set that I've had in my pending file all winter long, and I've been just waiting for the right moment to pull this one out, and I think now is the time....
Lori got this great outfit and I thought it looked very "business" like. The scooped billowy top was sure to have an interesting wetlook effect and the pants were sure to have great shine. While the top did not give us the usual expected results from a white top, it sure had great cling qualities!
It was a hot summer day and Lori did a lot of playing in the water. You should see the color of her skin! Doesn't that alone make you long for summer??
We we even got some great wet hair shots!
One of the things I like best about this set though is all of the underwater shots we got, loads of them!
There are 87 pictures free for you to view in our gallery. Premium Members have access to another 30
The video to go with this clip is free for all to view through the YouTube clip available on our site.
Video 61 XXX - Chocolate Pie Smash & Blow is now available for download. You can see a free teaser clip by
This weeks update: Muddy fun in wetsuit and waders. Preview video available.
Video 59 - Apple Sauce is now available in two versions - regular and XXX. Kitty gets applesauce poured on her shirt, miniskirt, and panties.
Then she gets it poured in her miniskirt. Of course, she gets
it poured in her panties as well. Then she bends over and
gets fucked with her messy panties still on in the XXX version!
When we first got our Hot Tub last year we needed to have some kind of cover over it because it rains all of the time. We had this patio cover that we weren't using so we set it over the hot tub and it worked perfectly. Lori made some side curtains for it for a little privacy and I rigged up some extra lighting. Now when I fire up the 300 watt floods the thing lights up like a circus big top.
It's quite humorous to see...I wonder what the neighbors must think???

Anyway on to the update....
In this set Lori is dressed all in white, ready for a dip. White is my favorite color for wetlook for obvious has probably the most exciting reaction to the water....
Some of my favorite shots come from this set.

There are over nearly 50 free pictures in this set, and here's a free video clip on YouTube.

This is one of our better Premium Sets though, with lots of great material for our Premium Members. You can become a Premium Member for just $20 a year and have unrestricted access to all of the material on this site including full length and full screen video on Premium Membership in the side bar....Premium Members have another 4+ minute video clip to view as well as another 50 great Premium Photo's to view.
Marjorie did a new upload at her site. She added the third part of three of her "wet and muddy" video and added ten new pics to "Busty Tinas" guestgalerie. If you were interested to see the video and Tinas pics so sneek a peek at Marjories quick-link-list, right side on top at

For a better browsing here are the directlinks,
Marjories third video part at, or choose the downladsite at,

See Tinas pics here,

The update of Marjories pics will updated at wednesday, 20.02.2008.

Have fun with the pics and videos,
Video 48d - wet whirlpool is now available for download.

Video 58 XXX - Pie Smash & Suck is now available for download! Kitty gives the cameraman a BJ while getting 4 pies smashed on her head! It gets sticky at the end!!!! This video is also available for FREE in our members area -

I had such a good time shooting my Valentine's set for wetlookfriends and Mike and Lori's theme for this month that I wanted to put some extra pics on chrissiewet. This folder contains some wet hair shots and some wet socks shots.

Sarah's muddy boots recovery mission with subsequent nature shower.
Hi, Marjorie did a new upload at her site. She added the second part of three of her galerie no. 35.

If you were interested in Marjories first free video named "wet and muddy", there are two possibilitys: Sneek a peek at Marjories quick-link-list, right side on top, or choose her downloadsite at The next and last update of Marjories free video (part three of three) will updated at saturday, 16.02.2008 including some new ads at her guestgalerie "wet and busty Tina from Germany".

Have fun with the pics and videos,
OK it's a few days early but it was either early or late, so I went with early. Besides it was time for a new update anyway. This weeks update is an update for the Wetlook Friends Theme. This months theme is of course Happy Valentines! (Gee I wonder why??? I bet you'll never guess what next months theme is!)
There has been a request on the Forum for quite awhile now, for satin pajamas and I thought that it would fit in with the Valentines theme very nicely. Especially since this is something Lori and I do often before we go to bed. Now, I won't kid you, up until now, Lori didn't even own satin pajamas, or even pajamas for that matter, and we don't usually put a dozen candles around the Hot Tub either. This is a special occasion, Valentines day. However, we do often go for a "soak" before going to bed...
Valentines is a special day because it's the time of year when we think about that special person we love, and try to be extra romantic for them, we tried to create an extra romantic setting for this shoot....
We had so much fun with this set we shot it twice....ok, not really. We shot it twice because the first time around I wasn't completely happy with how it all turned out, and so we put the whole thing together again and shot it again the next week. If you look carefully you will find subtle differences, between the two nights, but I'm sure you won't mind the extra photo's that the extra care created....
We got some really fantastic pictures out of this set and some of our best video ever! Nearly 8 minutes free for registered members, 20 MINUTES FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS!!! Although I must warn you, the download is not for the faint of heart at just over 500mb! Sorry! That's what quality full screen gets you. (If there is enough demand for it I can create a smaller frame wmv file file that will be a fraction of the file size.) The real excitment starts when the lights go out and it's time for the visitors, and registered members to go home....
There are over 80 Premium Pictures shot in romantic candlelit wetlook sensuality. Premium Members will see Lori soaking in the romantic warmth, and enjoying the feeling of the water, and wet clothing caressing her skin....
This photoset is spread out over a couple of different places.
The 73 Free photo's are located at visit that site for details on how to see those photo's as well as other contributions from some of our friends around the wetlook community.
We have placed a few free pictures in our album here, along with the free video clip available to registered members. Click here to see these free pics and video (be sure to register and/or log-in)
Premium Members can find their pictures and video here on our site, Premium Members should not download the free clip as the clip in the Premium Section contains the 7 1/2 minutes of the free clip as well as the Premium video all combined in one.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope yours is great!
Video 56 xxx - Ass Cake & Blow is now available! I sit on a chocolate cake with white frosting WITHOUT panties!! And, I give the cameraman a BJ with pudding on my face!! Of course, more than pudding winds up on my face and in my mouth. Kitty has been naughty!
This is another short set from about 10 years back. Bill built a home made studio with shower. We were experimenting with different back drops and scenes. I would have preferred to have had a lighter background for this outfit, but I still think this was a sexy, if short, set! Once again these shots are scanned from transparencies and do lose some of the brightness and clarity the slides have when projected on the big screen.
Marjorie did a new upload at her site.
She added the second part of three of her video named "wet and muddy", and then she added her downloadarea for people who had problems to include the divx-player into her browser or

You may find the video and,

Some of you had trouble, or technical problems, so there is a download- site with some information about and a interesting media player. So choose the downloadarea at

At wednesday, 13.02.2008 the next update is aviable.

Have fun with the pics and videos,
Video 32 - apple pie filling is now availabe for instant downlaod. I get apple pie filling poured in my panties! You can download right now by clicking
Last update: Turquoise wellies flooding.
Marjorie did a new upload at her site.
First she added the first part of three to her new galerie named "wet boots", and then she added some new pics to her snap-shot-section. You may find the galerie and the snap-shot-section at,

At saturday, 09.02.2008 the second part of Marjories "wet and muddy" video will uploaded. Some of you had trouble, or technical problems, so then there will be able a downloadsite with some information about and a interesting media player.

Have fun with the pics and videos,
I've just added a new update..........
Cowgirl Chrissie
I just love being a cowgirl. I get soaked in this outfit wearing my Sheriff's hat! Lots of lovely boot pouring here and a kiss at the end!!
Video 57 - chocolate toes - is now available. This one is just for feet and toe lovers! No panties in this one - just cute little toes getting covered in chocolate syrup!!!
Hello Friends, this week we're celebrating Valentines a little early by bringing in our Valentines sets from last year as an Archive update.
This was a fun set to shoot, Lori made her dress, and went all out for it last year. This was one of our inaugural dips in our new hot tub...
Among these are some of our favorite photo's
As with a lot of our wetlook, this dress goes very transparent when wet, and that always leads to sexier behavior, we have a few great pictures in the Premium Area for our Premium Members as well as some video clips....
and then we go on to Part 2 of last years Valentines fun, when Lori has a little WAM fun and gets covered with 9 pies, yet another great Premium set that you'll not want to miss!
Between these two sets there are nearly 200 photo's, also there are two video clips for Premium Members.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures in our free gallery.

As we officially begin our rotation,

Marjorie and me are proud to tell you, that the videosection of her free movies are opened. See the first part of three ... "Marjorie, wet and muddy". The videos are hosted by and powered by

Marjorie and me love to read your comments. You will find the videolinks in her quick-link-list, at the right site on top of her homepage.

Have fun with Marjorie,

PS: In future, Marjorie will add her own wetlookchannel at So stay tuned. Otherwise become a member at to see thousand of intersting videos.
- Marjorie, the thrilling wetlook lady from France -
New photoset and video added: Sarah's Argyll Wellie Rescue Adventure - Very muddy and soaked to the skin.
A new section has been added to It's called "Naughty Kitty." And, for those of you who have wondered what happens after the camera gets shut off....well, let's just say I get pretty naughty!!

Marjorie added five new pics in her snapshotsection. If you were interested, seek a peek.

At Saturday, 02.02.2008 Marjories Videosection is going live! See the first part of three "Marjorie wet and muddy" for free. So prepare your browser to see the vids at Read the technical rules ... and see Marjorie in her first free video. More will come, and they will free ...

For a test, if your system is running smooth, use the following link:

Have fun,
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