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WON YouTube Presents-Supergirl VII: Unchained (Fan Film)
WON YouTube Presents-Supergirl VII: Unchained (Fan Film)
WON YouTube Presents-Supergirl VII: Unchained (Fan Film)

WON YouTube Presents-Supergirl VII: Unchained (Fan Film)

Keywords: gU9_cOpvlhA;
WON YouTube Networks/Jimbo-FailExchange Productions in association with MMP Studios Presents:Supergirl VII: Unchained (Fan Film). Starring the very talented and beautiful Kaycee Anne as Supergirl: The Girl Of Steel and the very talented and beautiful Amy Christine as Melissa Bennett/Agent "S". This is 7th installment of WON/MMP's Supergirl Underwater Peril Fan Film Series. Now, the plot of the story begins where Supergirl VI left of. Not being able to prevent the destruction of the city of Scarborough, Supergirl's image has come into question to the point where The girl of Steel is force to make a TV Press Conference address the issue of her image and credibility and promise to protect all the major cities in the nation and the world. the next day, Supergirl disguise as Jac Kent, mild mannered reporter (Kaycee Anne) for the great metropolitan newspaper takes a much needed vacation to the town of lake-land to visit and old fiend...the new retired military agent Melissa Bennett (Amy Christine). Little does Jac know that someone has gotten to Mel first And even though we don't see her..that someone happens to be "EVIL" Superwoman. When Jac notices that Mel is in the car violently shaking and wearing a unique costume..Jac approaches the car and tried to snap Mel out of it, But then, Jac become shocked..literally. Mel grabs a hold of her hand and all hell breaks loose. Agent Mel doesn't exist anymore..Agent Mel is now " Agent S" (Amy Christine)..thanks to EVIL Superwoman and her special injection. Minutes later, Jac is handcuffed and Jac is extremely weak thanks to Agent S powering draining and injection while Jac was out cold. Agent S interrogates her exposing the truth that Jac is Supergirl. Jac is powerless and Agent S headbutts her and knock out cold. Hours later, Agent S cooks up a plot to destroy the city of Metropolis with a pair of Nuclear missile. The catch is that her plan to to fame Supergirl and have Supergirl's fingerprints all over the control and etc. Meanwhile, Jac wakes up and notices that she is not handcuffed anymore. She then dashes off and transforms into Supergirl. Minutes later..she lands a a stranger;s pool house where she discovers that Agent S is hiding out at. All of a sudden..a sharp pain hits Supergirl's heart and she faint onto the pool chairs. The injection has begun to take effect and that when the trouble REALLY BEGINS! Agent S takes a whole of Supergirl's mind, draining her powers...commanding her to do things she wouldn't do and one of those things is to destroy the city of Metropolis by launching two nuclear missiles. Also, Agent S also has the power to command Supergirl to do anything she wants her to do..including killing herself by drowning herself. it's a game of cat and mouse...and game of chance...It's the game of death. What will happen? Will Supergirl once again, let another city get destroyed? Will Agent S's plan on luring Supergirl to destroy a city of 8 million people and then, end up in her watery grave afterwards work? Will Supergirl be able to "Unchain" herself from Agent S' grip of power and terror and stop the destruction of Metropolis in time and be able to save the people of the city, as will as her image? All these twists and turns and questions will be answered in this 7th installment of the Supergirl Underwater Peril Fan Film Series!

(JUST A HEADSUP: For those who are wondering about the orange border around Supergirl and that she's partially dissolved in the missile chase scene is due to the fact that the nuclear material is going onto Supergirl's body and affecting her)

Brought to you in High Definition!

Special thanks to MMP studios for filming this custom video project/fan film for me. For updates/news/screenshots for all 9 fan films and future projects, subscribe to the fan Film Series' Facebook Page:
Or Subscribe to WON YouTube Network's Facebook Page as well:

Supergirl VII: Unchained, Co-Created By Jonathan Rios & George Guzman.
Written By Jonathan Rios, Ricardo Reyes and Jackie Gonzalez
Music By Matthew Huffaker..Check Out His Channel for Royalty Free Music:
Additional Music By Tim Beek: Additional Music By Kevin MacLeod, Jingle Punks, Jeff Shaw and R.G.B

Disclaimer: Supergirl VII: Unchained is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros. Supergirl VII: Unchained is a not-for-profit fan film and is not intended for sales of any sort. The fan film is property of WON YouTube Networks/Jimbo-FailExchange Productions and MMP Studios.


All media is used under Section 107 of the Fair Usage USA Copyright Act, as well as the Compilation and News Reports sections of the USA Copyright Act. All videos are for the enjoyment of the viewer. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Added: 2017-07-08
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Views/Downloads: 1964
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